• The Cosmic Rabbit

DIY paper mache mask!!!!

if your looking cool project during lockdown paper mache mask making awesome project for all ages <3

I ran out of the acrylic paint and I had very VERY limited supplies newspaper is extremely hard to find in my area and I only could use magazines..

I had a lot of fun creating this masks that help me tune into my indigenous side and Mesoamerican Latino culture it is tradition to create masks even in Native American culture masks are representation of the spirit world

Ix Chel is the Maya Goddess of the Moon who is said to hold a rabbit ,shown with Her totem animal the rabbit. Mother Goddess and Weaver who set the Universe in motion; and the story of Pacal's Rocket - The Mayan Astronaut

you can ready about Pacal's Rocket

after letting the paper dry i used safe acrylic spray paint for coating the head

it will make painting easy lest stressful less ripping!

Got some acrylic spray paint and currently finish painting over the entire mask with acrylic spray paint I am letting it dry right now and will continue painting once it's dry and will add other stuff like fur and accessories

It took me about three hours to walk around literally looking for newspaper I had a handful of change and it was basically a newspaper apocalypse where I couldn't find a single newspaper so instead I found some old magazines and decided to shred them since there is no newspaper round