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🌺featured artist and creators🌺

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

I commissioned few artist for my birthday present this month

i would love to thank these awesome featured artist and creators


Birthday art commission

art by @floof_a_loof on instagram and etsy please support her shop 

Character belongs to me PeXenTCR - cosmic rabbit

images are watermarked Please do not replicate or redistributed @2019

Art by Omobug Botfu <3 instagram and etsy please support their shop <3 --------------------------------------- birthday commissioned art thank you Omobug Botfu <3

 PexenTCR cosmic rabbit sitting on hill eating dragon fruit pexentcr fav snack  she loves flowers and smell fresh grass

art by ruzzawolf -Crafty Paws - instagram

art commission please support her shop


you can find more of my projects and DIY modifying on deviantart


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