• The Cosmic Rabbit

gardening adventures summer

in the summer of 2018 i had amazing time exploring new horizons

i got my hands dirty started working yard decided i wanted fill the garden full of sunflowers i inherited my family gift being able to grow anything my hands touch

i mean anything will grow from my hands,

i began to grow Mayan agriculture foods and fruits embracing my native mayan heritage i started to understand sun and moon the changes in weather,

it made me realize that Humanity lost touch with Mother Earth,

i started understand native american culture & agriculture


rainbow corn

red corn

yellow corn

3 types of potato

1 Maize

2 types of chayote


black thornless berries




3 types Chili Peppers

3 grain fodder

3 types of beans

the list goes on and on..

a field full of sunflowers i grew over the summer

a variety of native fruits and vegetables my hands my spirit felt fulfilled my desire to grow was deeper and I began to understand Mother Earth my heart felt full

3 types of potato Harvested came out beautifully summer 2018

whites,reds browns,

harvesting all the sunflowers for October 2018 until December 2018 had a wonderful season in 2018

2 types of chayote this planet is amazing to keep it can feed up 3 families each year,

none-stop, taste amazing

3 grain fodder is amazing super food great i smoothies can be used feed

animals summer of 2018

The Story of Maya Traditions guatemalan weavers

embracing my native mayan heritage

how community gardens benefit community beneficial to the environment, and to the health and wellbeing of community members, availability of nutritious foods, strengthening community ties,

Ix Chel is the Maya Goddess of the Moon,