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home-grown potatoes

These were planted in the beginning of the year 2020 and were harvested later on

Harvesting all the potatoes recently there's been a few people raiding the yard so I had to pick these sooner than expected hundreds and hundreds of potatoes came out though these will be mighty tasty

Finally enjoying the fruits of my labor cooking the home-grown potatoes with a steak or possibly egg salad tonight but I'm definitely going to enjoy how hard my work paid off

also we have been having trouble with the building believes we shouldnt not be allowed to grow our food in the past few months ive had harvest my food earlier than usualy because of the building maintenance workers disposing of food during coronvirus i have been accused of industrializing the yard. people depend on fruit orchard trees and the many variety of food that grows within the community yard, community gardens are valuable to areas below the poverty line fresh food is not available those that can't afford organic food where alcohol and fast food and drugs is more easier to access. areas below the poverty line


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