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Anthurium plant

♥️Anthurium♥️ She got new fresh potting soil It's a good idea after purchasing one of these flowers that you immediately change the potting soil sometimes the soil that comes with these plants are really bad quality and just cake up really nasty end up with root rot so she got a really good soil change and immediately started perking up

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I decided this year that I wanted a potted Christmas tree because regular chop down Christmas trees produce a lot of waste and usually end up in landfills

I checked the root system removed any debris or rotting stems gave her a new flower pot and soil changes and she is doing remarkably well 👍 👍 👍 👍

healthy Christmas tree no bugs she looks good

What Happens To Trees After Christmas?

why i decided for potted Christmas tree instead?

estimated 25 million to 30 million live Christmas trees are purchased in the United States. Americans chuck millions of trees into landfills,

the sad fate of common Red Poinsettia

at one point in everyone's life one way or another we all have purchased a

christmas flowers maybe for family gift.

little do people know the maintenance required behind these beautiful flowers

christmas flowers FAQ