• The Cosmic Rabbit

life's hardships...

i have come along way in the past few years. now i want people to know i'm not rich women at all.. as matter of fact i struggle just like any other creator and especially these days where money is very very hard.

i'm very extremely artistically creative person my dad always taught me if you can't afford it. you can make it yourself !!

i just want to tell my fellow creators dont give up

especially struggling during 2020 as artist

i will try my hardest to pass on any creators name and shop who needs

little bit of help its been few months since i posted featured artist of the week

its helpful support artist especially struggling during 2020.

if you would like to look at past artist i supported please check old post!!

please remember always support your fellow creators!!!

ITS VERY VERY important link back artist profile when commissioning especially these days!!

just want thank the people who are helping during these hard times!!