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welcome to my art gallery

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The Cosmic Rabbit

Hello My VR Name 
PexenTCR or Pexie Quartz
Owner & Founder of
The cosmic rabbits

i'm a small time 
Graphics designer
I am Latina female
with ♿dyslexia/aspergers
I enjoy exploring 3DVirtual worlds
on different platforms

i'm a content creator''
my specialty modifying avatars
I'm also somewhat of a gardener
im also product developer
 YouTube tutorial personality 
I enjoy modifying existing objects
I also create and design on other web platforms

prefer graphics tools i use
or any software i can get my hands on.

location kepler-62e (Constellation Lyra)​
Gender- female 
 specialty, modifying avatars, gardener tinker Explorer,

We are all made of stardust.

i showcase and publicize my
Graphic Design Work, illustrations, music,
I guess you can say it's like an Etsy shop

Furry creator


check out our merchandise

560 (1).jpg
imvu/Member since: 2006-11-01


''Please be aware''

we will not solicit any customers or clients

money or info 

purchasing items from someone claiming to be us you will not receive your item

chances are its a scam

please do not sell or distribute textures or products

images or likeness

copyright All rights reserved
@ cosmic rabbit LLC

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